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Aternos has been an industry leader in the provision of the ability to order Minecraft gaming servers.

The Aternos company, which was founded in 2013, provides services to over 400 000 Minecraft players every day. Its headquarters are in Bonn, Germany.

Aternos Project

Aternos runs more than a hundred dedicated servers in-house to offer backend services and also the infrastructure for hosting Minecraft instances.

However, the performance of dedicated hardware poses physical constraints, resulting in lengthy wait times at peak times. So, they decided to extend their infrastructure by incorporating cloud-based services.

What is Aternos Hosting?

Aternos is among the most popular portals that offer Minecraft players free servers for them to manage their own networks. All are available for free everything from your Ram to the plugins that are on offer.

In fact, the business has a slogan: Minecraft servers – free for life. That means Aternos will be available for free the time that Minecraft is available for free.

At present, there are more than 13 million players and 400,000 users who utilize Aternos each day. The server was launched in 2013.


How Does Aternos Work?

It’s simple. All you need do is head to the site of Aternos. Once you have done that, you will be in a position to log in. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be able to register an account. The next step is to set up your own personal Minecraft server. 

In most cases, it takes only less than a second to get your server operational. After that, you’ll be notified by email that it’s in the process of being ready. 

After you’ve set everything up and ready, you can join your friends at any time or add anyone you like. For instance, you would like to add 3 friends, and you’re soon having a great time.

After you’re in operation, Aternos does not disturb the user with any sales. The most important thing to remember is that you will be bombarded with ads since Aternos was completely free. 

Therefore, you’re likely to be bombarded with advertisements or incentives for upgrading to the premium account. But, that will not occur and there are no limitations. 

The entire process is simple and it is possible to go from not having a Minecraft server to an entirely customized server with your personal worlds with the click of a few buttons.

The whole process is simple, and you can move from not having a Minecraft server to a fully customized one with your very own world with just one or two buttons.

Who Is Aternos For?

The first and most important thing to note is that Aternos Hosting is designed for Minecraft enthusiasts who are looking for a low-cost Minecraft server and aren’t searching for something extravagantly fancy, rich on options, or loaded with RAM.

The second reason is that it’s targeted at mainly smaller groups of users who need a network that they can get together with a handful of friends. If you don’t need too much (but nonetheless are looking to get into some crazy things as my friends and I have done), Aternos is perfect. 

Be aware that you can’t modify the config files, and If that’s a problem your way, then have to find the best (paid) Minecraft server.

Aternos Features

To get a completely free Minecraft server hosting service, Aternos offers a fairly diverse set of options. This includes:

Full customization:- Users can modify whatever they wish on the server so that the game runs exactly as they would like to play it

Mods and plugins:- In case vanilla doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you could add one of the many plugins or mods

Customized worlds:- We wanted to create our very own custom world with the maps of adventure and parkour and we found it extremely simple to accomplish

2 core processor

DDOS Secured:- With this feature, you won’t have to think about whether Aternos is secure or not.

Automatic Backups:- Aternos provides this feature to help you obtain backups to your server.

Excellent Support:- If you require assistance They will assist you with a smile. Click on the “Get Assistance” button.

Is Aternos Reliable?

There is information suggesting about one of the most common complaints Minecraft gamers have has to do servers that provide them in a state of constant downtime. 

This is even more problematic when they attempt to contact support staff for assistance and advice, they’re told to wait. Absolutely, it’s an experience that is different from premium Minecraft hosting which is quicker and offers 24/7 chat assistance. 

However, since it’s free, the experience could be more difficult, and it is reliable enough to allow you to play the game. However, if there’s downtime, you’ll need to be informed. The customer support is also excellent for free. 

It’s not as quick as the top Minecraft servers but any issue you have will be addressed in 24 hours. This isn’t bad for a free service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aternos

As with any Minecraft server Aternos comes with pros as well as pros and.


  • It’s completely free (and always will remain so)
  • You can have 20 players
  • Excellent customer support
  • There is no need to give your card information


  • Options are limited.
  • The plugins are available, however they’re not available in a large quantity
  • It’s impossible to install your own modpack , or modify the config files

Is Aternos safe to use?

Based on some reports, Aternos is safe, reliable, and secure. There are some who have no problems when the server is affected, the uptime is impressive and every Minecraft server is protected by DDOS security to ensure that any attacks are prevented. 

This is also beneficial as Alternos provides automatic backups in the event that things happen to go wrong, so that you do not have to fret about whether your Minecraft worlds are lost.

Are There Limitations?

In general, there are restrictions. When you purchase the use of a Minecraft server, you’re capable of getting a basic server, or you’re in a position to purchase a huge server that can accommodate unlimited players. 

Aternos limits the number of players that you are able to add to 20 Modpack’s and other plugins are also restricted. In addition, the amount of Ram that is available is limited to 1.7GB.

How Does Aternos Obtain Money?

While Aternos is free, they still earn cash. How does Aternos make money? It is important to understand that Aternos make money from advertisements on their website. 

If you visit the official Twitter account of Aternos There was a user who asked about this. He wanted to know how Aternos earn money to maintain the servers. Then, Matthias as a developer of Aternos stated that they earn money from the advertisements on their website.

A Technical View

The company manages an array of more than a hundred on-premises servers that host the frontend, backend, storage and games servers.

Management and administration of servers for games are mostly done through PHP applications.

Its Minecraft game servers are run on demand within Docker containers. Scaleway cloud instances are created dynamically based on the load on the platform using ansible and the AWX.

Aternos relies heavily on the GP1-S instance because they provide the best price/performance ratio for their intended use. They also provide the performance required at the lowest cost that is possible. 

In peak times, Aternos deploys up to 2000 cloud instances, with each of which hosts multiple Minecraft games servers. The company provides over 40.000 Minecraft servers simultaneously at high-volume times, with a third of them on the cloud.

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