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OSMOSE TECHNOLOGY Pvt LTD is an unincorporated Private that was formed on 24-12-2019. The company is classified under non-government and the registered address is RoC Pune according to the corporate ID number.

The state in which they are registered is Maharashtra. Their approved amount of shares has been set at 500000, and the capital paid out is 10000. Everybody is interested in the Osmose Affiliate program due to its regular income stream as well as the daily bonus. 

Many people view Osmose to be an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that is involved in massive scams or frauds.

It is an information technology firm that is involved in the development and maintenance of however, it is not restricted to, technology such as software, web-based apps, software web-based applications, mobile applications, websites and networking software.

OSMOSE Technology Private Limited is an Private company that was incorporated on the 24th of December, 2019. They are classified as non-government and is registered with the RoC-Pune. The state in which they are registered is Maharashtra. 

The authorized share capital of the company amounts to 500000.00 and its capital paid-up is 10000. In contrast to an Scam, Osmose Technology Private Limited Limited is actually a privately, incorporated Affiliate Program that offers each day bonuses, and Affiliates’ income and payouts in accordance with the following indirects and directs. 

Also, it is recognized by income taxwhich has very similar to its legitimacy. Additionally, there isn’t evidence on the Internet which suggests that osmose could be fraudulent or a fraud. Anyone in it being paid, and has yet has not had a single complaint.

According to our study, Osmose technology seems to be secure, however there are some serious issues that place it in the category of suspect. The absence of contact information for the company and inadequate information regarding the owner demonstrates the security of the site.

Osmose Technology is an e-commerce online store that operates similar to Flipkart or Amazon. Osmose Technology is the parent of It is Mindskill Gaming Solution which is well-known for its development of Android games and social media apps. It earns money by both methods as described earlier.

Basic Information

Incorporation Date 24/12/2019
Registrar of CompaniesRoC-Pune
Registered StateMaharashtra
CategoryCompany Limited by Shares
Company StatusActive
Company Class
OSMOSE Technology Overview

Osmose technology private limited in India is a private incorporated it’s Corporate Identification Number CIN: U72900PN2019PTC188640
Address: Flat no.a Atulnagar Warje Highway S 79/B Near Runwal Panorama, City Pune, Maharashtra State – 411052.

Osmose Technology
Osmose Technology

OSMOSE Technology Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Pan Certificate
  • After you have registered for activation of your account,, go through the activation button, and then complete the purchase form for an E-ticket for Osmose.

What is the way that Osmose Technology works?

In essence, Osmose uses his affiliate program to increase users and traffic on the Osmose Retail site as well as Osmose Apps (PikFlick).

When it comes to earning money online there are only two methods to do it:

1.) Advertisements on your blog or site.

2.) Earning a commission through the sale of products or services online.

Osmose Technology private limited in India is an E-commerce web-based store firm similar to Flipkart and Amazon which was founded with less-than-paid capital as well as authorized capital. 

Osmose Technology is the parent of It is Mindskill Gaming Solution which is known for its creation of Android games as well as social media apps. Osmose Technology is making profits in both ways, as stated earlier.

Osmose Technology Income Plan

So, let’s look at the company’s Income Plan and see the ways in which Osmose Technology gives Money to its members. What are the ways?

Osmose Technology Private Limited offers three ways to earn cash from them:

  1. Daily Earnings
  2. Referral Earnings
  3. Promotion Offers Incentives

Return and Investment

Maybe, but I don’t know, did you take a look at the Direct Selling Guideline of the Indian Government or not? According to this direct selling, guidelines stipulate that any company is not allowed to charge any charges or invest from members of their company.

However, I am sorry to say, Osmose Technology does this illegal act.

For the price of 1200 rupees, Osmose Technology offers some coupons in exchange for a service which is not allowed in the Indian government Direct Selling Guidelines.

Following this, the company is required to pay Rs 20 per day for four months to run their application. The company can withdraw up to Rs 1,200-$2,400 in this manner.

  • Your price is Rs. 1200,
  • Funds to run certain applications (Ad revenue),
  • A small amount of commission (not required) for purchases made through their online store,
  • Whatever amount you decide to invest over the course of four months.

Osmose Technology is Paying Double funds in four months to their Members, possibly this isn’t possible in the MLM Method. As per me, I prefer to call it that it is a Money Circulation Method.

Other Income Method

The company itself is operating an elaborate pyramid scheme to fund its Referral and Promotional Offers. The Fact is that the more people who invest in this scheme, the greater amount of profit you’ll earn from them.

Based on my experience, the likelihood of this company closing down is very high. It’s a shame, but my opinion is that working on this kind of business and their plans to give their the amount of Rs. 1200 would be waste of cash and time.

It can be described as a pyramid schema and the promotion of this kind of illegal scheme may be referred to as an offense.

Furthermore, there are other top MLM companies in India It is possible to be a part of any.

Advantage of the company

  • A platform to earn money.
  • Earn money by attracting new employees to your company.
  • Their website is where you’ll discover essential items like electronic devices and health products as well as other items.
  • The website is active on social media accounts that you can search in the search bar for “Osmose Technology Pvt . Ltd. Review.” The site also has an online blog.

Disadvantage of this company

  • It requires a single cost in the amount of INR 1,180 to be an active member.
  • The website does not offer an address or phone number, nor any kind of assistance service, which can be extremely frustrating.
  • Many have complained about websites asking for cash from users to join They have also declared they are bogus.
  • On various forums for consumers the firm has been receiving negative reviews.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Joining Fees

To sign up to activate and sign-up for Your Osmose Identification, you need to pay the amount of Rs. 1200 in cash to Osmose. The company operates as a Binary Plan, In which you will need to join two People who are part of the Downline under you as well as Your Network will be formed.

Perhaps, you have already read about this strategy in my previous blog Post on the Best Network Marketing Strategy.

How do you earn money with Osmose Technologies?

Through their application, PikFlick, Osmose encourages its advertising network that will offer the user the equivalent of 0.45 per day for each time you recommend a friend to it. If you’d like to make more money you can join their Levelwise Affiliate Program that is available.

Level-wise Affiliate Program

  • If you connect Osmose Tech and connect to Osmose Tech, you’ll be capable of creating your own directions of 10 directions, each one of which will pay you 1 INR per day for the effort.
  • Then, you will be able to form your team after you have developed 10 directions.
  • You will earn INR 1 in a regular commission for every new member that joins via one of these directions.
  • This way, new members that join the initial seven levels will contribute to your daily earnings.

Steps for sign up in Osmose Technology

1. The first step is sign up with Osmose by registering an account. In addition, to join Osmose without having an ID of Sponsor.

2. The process of joining Osmose is absolutely free, however, in order to receive every day payments for your accounts, you’ll be required to pay Osmose Affiliate Fees 33$ by purchasing their E-Voucher each 120 days. If you’re not able to activate your account using an E-Vouchers, you can click here in order to make your account active.

3. If you purchase their E-Voucher, 32 points of credit will be sent on your Osmose shopping website. You can purchase anything using those points of 32 dollars within the duration of one month, as per their policies. If you’re unable to make your account active using E-Vouchers, you can follow this link for how to make your account active.

4. Following this purchase, you are now an officially registered Osmose technology limited by shares company in India Affiliate. You have three options to choose from:

  • The first thing to do is top up your account and then select your account to replenish it. Watch a comprehensive YouTube video about Osmose Technology.
  • Upload Bank Details and do KYC.
  • Upload Documents.

5. You will be credited 0.45 USD per day to your Osmose Account. The minimum bank credit amount for credit is Rs. 500.

6. Even if you do not work on the level of marketing, you’ll still be receiving 0.45 $ per day.

7. If you are looking to earn more money through Osmose you are able to refer others to join. They could earn up to the benefit of earning Rs. 1 per day for joining.

8. The only thing Osmose Technology requires is that you maintain their apps and Website in order to drive more traffic as well as ranking factors.


They claim to offer 24/7 assistance, however, they do not offer an address, which suggests that they are bogus.

If we choose to cancel the product the company will not refund the money we paid this is a shady method.

Then there’s an extra fee in the amount of INR 120 per delivery that is a total fraud.

The online shopping portals and the customers aren’t in a position to have a clear knowledge of each other’s business methods. The majority of information that is that is available on the website is false or misleading in some way or other. 

The site has posted pictures of companies online, and photos of individuals earning money which can result in fraud or corruption for those who are a victim and other such things.

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